ELC professional know how since 1905: ELC is a privately held, fully independent, engineering consultant based in Milan and established in 1955 by the merge of three leading Italian firms which pioneered the Italian hydropower scenario since the Malnisio HPP in May 1905.

Mission: ELC mission is to provide Clients with over one century of cumulated experience in the study, design construction management, capacity building with training & knowledge transfer as a key component of hydro, thermal, geothermal power plants up to the most complex T & D projects. ELC expertise includes infrastructure and agriculture developments, irrigation, flood control, water resources planning, river and basin management, environmental analysis and pollution prevention of multipurpose water supply schemes.

Trust & ISO certification: As of today ELC's reliability is based on 1.788 effective Customer assignments carried out in 96 Countries with compliance to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Financing is mostly provided by major International Agencies as the WB, EBRD, ADB, IDB, JICA, and the African Development Bank.

Challenges: The majority of the Projects have been carried out in the most challenging geological environments, as:

• The Italian Alps and the steep and rugged Himalayan Region with young geology
• The seismically active South East Asia volcanic belt
• The African Rift Valley
• The Central & South America range of Quaternary volcanoes

Faculty & Staff: ELC global organization accounts for over 100 Experts between permanent and exclusive on-­‐call, consultants. Full integration and knowledge transfer between Local and International Experts is the key of success within each assignment. Besides Milan HQ, additional Regional Headquarter is located in Jakarta (Indonesia) with Local and International permanent Senior Management. This structure provides South East Asia with proactive service and field operations excellence.

ELC International experts: Most of ELC-Electroconsult International Experts acquired their credits through long resident status as senior specialists in the most challenging & environmental friendly power generation projects.

Customer Service: 360° range of services provide ideal solutions for any Customer need.

These services span from resources exploration to financial due diligence, National & International energetic potential assessment, field development up to power plant design, construction, O&M management & supervision.

E.S.I.A & Social Impact Assessment: Strong experience has been cumulated during the design stage and construction supervision of the most complex Hydropower, Thermal, T&D Developments.

In parallel, on Geothermal Developments, ELC has refined further its E.S.I.A. work methodology which is always verified throughout the entire life of each project.

ELC’s Environmental Approach: Visual impact reduction and best practices for environmental improvement at the end of the drilling activities are usual procedure in ELC which follows the dynamic evolution of the surrounding pristine environment. Key focus is on the preservation, or, if necessary, the improvement of the wildlife, especially for the endemic species.

E.S.I.A. work methodology: ELC’s evaluation and measurement criteria adopted to carry out the

environmental impact studies are continuously improved and tailored to each specific project by:

• Framing of Situation Analysis & Assessment of induced modifications.

• Study and proposal of alternatives.

• Prioritization of power plant design criteria which minimize any possible impact on local flora, fauna habitat, fisheries reservoirs, with particular care for the migratory species.

Worldwide Power Transmission expertise

T & D international experience: ELC has accomplished T&D projects in 49 Countries cumulating a relevant reputation as global consultant in power sector liberalisation process, in particular in energy pricing regulations, tariff settings and methodologies, technological knowledge and experience relevant to generation, transmission and distribution of energy.

References: International T & D expertise is based on 116 references, 19 of which range from 400 kV to 550 kV and up to 600 kV and 750 kV. Consultant capabilities include assets such as design, organisation and regulation of energy markets.

Technical solutions provider at 360°

ELC has supported system operators, generation companies and network owners by providing solutions to specific technical problems like:

• System Security
• Energy Management

• Demand Side Management
• Regional Power System Planning

• Network Congestion Management 
• Real-­‐time Energy Balancing
• Load Forecasting
• Distribution Network Planning


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