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May 1905, Malnisio, Italy: our first HPP assignmentHydropower and Hydraulic Works DepartmentGeothermal Power Generation Department Thermal Power Generation Department Power Transmission & Distribution Department Irrigation & Agriculture Development Department Bali Irrigation Development - Indonesia: 190.000 ha Tampomas Project - Indonesia: ELC Socialisation Gilgel - Ethiopia: E.S.I.A. & Social Impact Assessment

ELC Corporate Mission, Milan Head Office and the International Branch Organization.

ELC Electroconsult S.p.A. is a privately held, fully independent, engineering consultant with Corporate Head Office based in Milan and Operational Branches established in key Strategic Countries.

ELC was legally funded in 1955 by the merger and acquisition of the most prominent Italian engineering firms which pioneered the geothermal and hydropower generation scenario since the Malnisio HPP in May 1905.

By doing so, ELC Management was able to retain and secure know how, knowledge and build further on individual engineering skills so to provide to today’s Clients a solid benchmark of cumulated experience constituted by 112 years of steady learning curve.

ELC Corporate Mission is to provide each individual Client with over a century of cumulated experience in master plans, feasibility studies, design construction management, training and knowledge transfer of Hydro, Geothermal & Thermal Power Plants up to the most complex Transmission and Distribution Projects.

ELC expertise includes infrastructure and agriculture developments, irrigation, flood control, water resources planning, river and basin management, HSE, environmental analysis and pollution prevention of multi-purpose water supply schemes as well as technical-financial Due Diligences and Management Build Up.

Key achievements by Project Type, in Number & Size

  • Thermal, Geothermal and Nuclear Power Plants:
    158 / 19,900 MW
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants:
    184 / 149,700 MW
  • Revamping and Re-powering of Hydro & Thermal P.P.:
    21 / 12,060 MW
  • Transmission Lines (up to 750 kV):
    17,200 km
  • Substations:
  • Irrigation Projects:
    1,500,000 ha

Organization of Milan & Representative Offices:

ELC Milan organization accounts for 124 Experts between permanent and exclusive consultants.

Since 1974 Jakarta branch office provides strong growth in South East Asia while growth in Africa and central Asia is ensured by Addis Ababa office, registered since 1982, in conjunction with ELC’s premises in Nairobi (Kenya), Lilongwe (Malawi), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Erbil (Iraq), Rogun (Tajikistan) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

ELC International Reliability is based on full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Certification and 1.770 effective Customer assignments, which, as of 1.1.2017, have been carried out in 95 Countries.

Financing is mostly provided by major International Agencies i.e.: The World Bank, ICEIDA, EBRD, ADB, IDB, JICA, NDF, AFD, AFC and the African Development Bank.

Challenges: The majority of ELC Projects have been carried out in the most challenging environmental, climatic and geological regions, as the:

  • Italian Alps and the steep and rugged Himalayan Region with young geology
  • Horn of Africa, the African Rift Valley and the Sub Saharan Region
  • Tropical South East Asia and the seismically active volcanic belt of the ring of fire
  • Central & South America Andes and the range of Quaternary Volcanoes

ELC Scope of Work and Client Service:

ELC 360° experience provides a complete list of consulting services, i.e. :

  • Planning studies and preliminary design
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Final design, preparation of prequalification and bidding documents
  • Project preparation for international lending agencies and credit sources, assistance in project financing
  • Assistance to Clients in bidding processes, bid evaluations /negotiations with contractors and suppliers
  • Detailed design
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Factory inspections, Quality Control, Procurement and Expediting
  • PMS - Project Management Services: (Planning, Budgeting, Scheduling and Supervision)
  • Supervision of Power Plants O&M
  • Preparation of O&M manuals, Training of Operation Personnel
  • Project Commissioning
  • Consultancy Services and Assistance during the Plant Operation
  • TAP - Technical Assistance Programs
  • Management Build Up, Capacity Building
  • Knowledge Transfer Programs

E.S.I.A. & Social Impact Assessment: Experience in this field has been cumulated during the design stage and construction supervision of the most complex hydropower developments and hydraulic projects.

In parallel, on Geothermal Developments, ELC has refined further its specific E.S.I.A. work methodology which is always verified throughout the entire life of each project.

ELC’s environmental approach follows the dynamic evolution of the surrounding pristine environment and always focuses the preservation, or, if necessary, the improvement of the local flora, fauna habitat, fisheries reservoirs, wildlife, especially for the endemic species as well as the landscape.

E.S.I.A. work methodology: focus is placed on the minimal use of land, reduction of the surface area of cleared vegetation, protect ion of the historical, cultural and social factors trough a participatory process with local communities. This is maintained during the execution of the whole project therefore minimizing any resettlement issue.

Impact of visual intrusion mitigation as well as watershed, air and noise dispersion modeling is adopted by ELC during each design stage and verified through the entire life of the works life cycle, therefore following the dynamic evolution of the environment.


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