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Coca Codo Sinclair



Feasibility Study 1992, Update of original conceptual design to 1500 MW, 2008, Development and Validation Report for Conceptual Design, 2010

The project is a run-of-river development, including a low intake weir on the Coca river, two parallel conveyance tunnels (one in the initial phase), a compensating reservoir acting also as a surge tank, and an underground powerhouse with an initial installed capacity of 432 MW, to be doubled in the second phase. In the final phase the installed power is 1500 MW.

The project scheme is heavily influenced by the difficult geological conditions and by the high seismicity of the area. In particular, the decision to adopt a run-of-river concept was taken when a catastrophic flood during the investigation campaign proved the very high risks associated with a high dam and a seasonal reservoir at the intake site.








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