Projects Transmission and Distribution Greater South Sumatera 275 kV Project

Greater South Sumatera 275 kV Project

The main objective consists in transmitting the power generated from power plants, in Benkulu and in South Sumatera, to the load centers in South and Central Sumatera.

The interconnection was made by means of a 68 km, 150 kV transmission line from Lubuk Linggau to Curup and a 116 km 275 kV transmission line initially operated at 150 kV from Lahat to Lubuk Linggau.

Construction of new 150 kV substation in Lubuk Linggau, expansion of Lahat and Bukit Asam 150 kV substations, construction of new 150 kV facilities at Curup 70 kV substation including the 150/70kV interbus transformer and relevant 70 kV transformer bay.





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