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Strengthening of Managerial competence & knowledge transfer

Consultant work methodology focuses the professional qualification and the strengthening of Staff skills and Customer Managerial Competence. In each assignment ELC unconditionally guarantees the know-how transfer of its very consistent learning curve of experience and capability, which has been cumulated since 1905. ELC professional approach focuses Customer organic growth through consistent, dedicated managerial build up and professional upgrading of staff knowledge and competence.

Individual Customer Approach

ELC’s adopts the most suitable and cooperative work methodology which is specifically tailored on each and individual Customer need to maximize efficacy, as well as efficiency and flexibility of operations. Continuous added value is provided through on the job coaching and training, by arranging special focus groups or seminars on specific technical or managerial topics. On request, and in parallel, should this need arise, complete access to the latest and most appropriate systems, methodologies, software and equipment can be provided.

International benchmarking

The key tools adopted by Consultant for a successful transfer of knowledge of aforementioned, valuable, tangible and intangible assets, rely in the assessment of Client’s individual and department skills and their benchmarking against top class internationally recognized standards.

O.G.S.A.M Master Plan methodology

Each individual Project and induction course is analysed and enforced through O.G.S.A.M Master Plan work methodology which is based on continuous monitoring of priorities and the analytic and systematic review of the progress achieved by the assignment by constantly correlating and linking together :

  • Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Actions, Measurement

Cooperation with the Client is made trough independent, critical and open approach so to maximise quality output, long lastingness of the power plant, and guarantee the overall Project cost efficacy and investment efficiency.

ELC fully understands that timing and timeliness can make an essential difference to the Client for the value which is added by the Consultant. ELC makes use of its global and local expertise so to deliver and share the best value with the Client’s staff, going therefore beyond local knowledge.

Customer retention of knowledge and values

As an outcome of this technology transfer, the Customer will be endorsed with a complete and responsive set up of dedicated, tailored, high level training programs. Client’s planning, management and operation capacity excellence will be therefore strengthened and upgraded so to maximize the long term value of each investment program.

ELC UNI ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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